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Thread: [FS] Arca Swiss-style L-Bracket Universal for Nikon/Canon/Pentax $65 each

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    [FS] Arca Swiss-style L-Bracket Universal for Nikon/Canon/Pentax $65 each


    I'm sorry for posting this sale thread as my first post here. However, I need to let them go. I have two amazing universal Arca Swiss L-bracket made by They are DPL-01B and DPL-02B series, which can be adjusted to fit the body's width so they won't block the battery flap. I believe they won't block battery flap of all Nikon (except D5000), Canon (except EOS 60D), and Pentax DSLR series. You can see the fitting method at website. They make good stuff.

    The price for new one is $86+shipping, so I will let them go for $65 each shipped, payment will be via Paypal. I have 100% ebay feedback under ismailfaruqi name.

    If you are looking for L-bracket I believe you will have to cash $99+ right now, more if you want to use RRS. So I think it is a bargain. The reason I'm selling this is I move to MFT, so I need smaller L-bracket. OK without further ado here are the photos:

    The items condition are EX+, no scratch etc. I will include all the accesories (inc. the box).



    And here is the box for each item:

    Please PM me for questions etc. Thank you very much!

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    Re: [FS] Arca Swiss-style L-Bracket Universal for Nikon/Canon/Pentax $65 each

    if you are not sure whether it will fit or not, you can measure and tell me the distance between the battery flap and tripod mount of your camera, and I will gladly check it for you.

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