Hi all,

I have a LEAF Valeo 22wi in Hasselblad H-mount, which I kept as a back-up and no longer need.
I would like to either sell it for 3000US$ or preferably trade it for a back in V-mount. I am thinking of Phase One P20 or above, Leaf Valeo 22wi or Aptus series. Sinar Emotion series. Hasselblad CF-22 or CF-39.
In case your back is worth more (of course almost all of the above mentioned are), I could either offer some cash extra or throw in an H1 body with finder and/or an almost new HC 50-110mm lens (under 200 actuations).

I am located in Zurich, Switzerland, but if the deal is right would fly in to anywhere in Europe and maybe NYC.

Thanks for your offer!