Contax N 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 Conurus Converted. Excellent condition. Used very little. Includes docs, lens caps, shade and contax parts removed during conversion. $1000 shipped, paypaled and insured.

Canon 5D Mk ii Mk2 1735 clicks. Excellent condition. Includes all original docs and disks. A corded aftermarket remote, battery charger and one battery. Also a blank warranty card for US/Canada. $2000 shipped paypalled and insured.

Sony A900. Very Good condition. Probably around 8,000-10,000 shots. Some minor scratching on the back LCD. Camera works well. Included 4 batteries and the original charger. I think everything is there including the box except the remote commander. Camera is 2+ years old and has been repaired 2x both times having to do with the camera recognizing the lens. Haven't had any further problems since the second repair that was much more involved than the first and entailed waiting for parts from Japan. $1600 Shipped, paypalled and insured

Leica 80-200 F4 Kyocera-Leica NON-ROM zoom lens. Currently set up for Use on Sony cameras including an adjustable aperture reporting chip. All parts for reconversion to leica included. Also included is a lens collar that will fit the lens if the red dot is removed. $950 shipped paypalled, shipped and insured.

SOLD Leica 35-70 f4 Kyocera-Leica zoom lens. Currently set up for use on Sony cameras including an adjustable aperture reporting chip. All parts for reconversion to Leica included. $700 shipped, paypalled and insured.

Sony 70-400 zoom lens. In excellent condition. No papers or box but the case is included. Practically like new. Little scuffing on bottom of the tripod mount from mounting a shoe. $1250 shipped, paypalled and insured

Minolta 28-135 zoom. The "almost G" quality zoom in great condition. Sharp all the way through its range. The glass is great but the body does show its age somewhat with a couple of scuffs from the bag down to bare metal. $300 shipped paypalled and insured.

Contax 21mm Distagon currently converted to sony. All parts included to restore to contax and a canon contax adapter modified by Son. Original hood and some step rings are also included along with a certificate from Zeiss Germany that the lens meets all criteria. Lens is in beautiful shape and the glass is great. $1600 shipped paypalled and insured.

Contax 28-85 zoom. Lens has coating damage on rear element and the rear of the lens is past being restored to original because of attempts to convert it to a sony mount. However it could be converted to nikon with a leitax mount or to canon with some effort. The aperture mechanism still works. $150 shipped, paypalled and insured.

Contax 28-85 zoom. In excellent optical and mechanical condition. Currently converted to sony but all parts to restore to contax included. There is a small drilled divot in the rear flange for locking the lens on a sony. The current sony mount is too flexible and can't be used without manually holding the lens flush to the camera. $400 shipped paypalled and insured

RRS L bracket for Sony A900 $100 shipped, paypalled and insured

Pics and more items to come soon.

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