Oly E-P1 body: $275/US; $285/Canada; $300/Int'l
C/V 90/3.5 APO LTM: $250/US; $260/Canada; $275/Int'l

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Very clean E-P1 body, functionally fine, few signs of use. Body has leatherette skin applied, looks nice, grips a bit better. Sale includes body, strap lugs, body cap, 2 batteries, charger, cords and IB. Great camera, but I've got two other m4/3 bodies and this isn't seeing much use.
C/V 90/3.5 APO-Lanthar lens in Leica Thread Mount (LTM, or Leica screwmount). Great lens!

Clean glass with no haze, fungus, or cleaning marks. Aperture blades are clean and free of oil. Focus ring is smooth, aperture ring smooth with good detents.

Got this from a friend who likes to tinker, he painted out the APO stripes at the front of the lens, which gives it a quieter look. There's a few small spots of paint wear, common with black C/V lenses. Includes lens, hood and front/rear caps only.

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