A couple of items from my Profoto kit that are not being used.

Profoto Ring Flash Acute 2 - 2400 Watt/Second lamphead, boxed, super-mint condition. I picked this up as part of a Profoto system I bought and I really do not need it. I tested it today, it checks out perfectly. New at B&H $959.00, buy this pristine unit for $748.00 shipped.

ProFoto Softlight reflector - the Beauty Dish, as-new, boxed.

"Profoto White Softlight reflector a.k.a. "Beauty Dish" is designed to give a wide, uniform and softlight as well as shadow definition, when mounted to a Profoto flash head. The gradual fall-off makes it perfect for close-up beauty photography. The center disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal glass disc to create a center hot spot which also eliminates a donut-hole effect in specular highlights." B&H new price is $356.00, buy this one for $286.00 shipped.

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