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Thread: Olympus OM 350 f/2.8

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    Olympus OM 350 f/2.8

    I have an Olympus OM 350 f/2.8 that I need to sell. It's in excellent condition. I used it a lot when I had 4/3 and m4/3 gear, and am not using it enough now to justify keeping it (I mostly shoot Canon gear now).

    The kit will be lens, rear cap, front soft leather cap, and metal trunk. The front leather cap is for a different OM lens, but it fits the 350 perfectly.

    Glass is in very good condition - front element has a couple of tiny sand grain sized dings toward the outer edge of the lens, but it is free of scratches, cleaning rubs, etc.

    Lens body is very clean, the paint has only a small ding or two.

    Looking for $2500, which includes PP/ConUS shipping. Please see my feedback under the same username at ebay, FredMiranda, and FourThirdsPhoto.

    This photo shows the built in lens hood extended.

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    Re: Olympus OM 350 f/2.8

    Here's a sample from EP2 + the 350, taken after sunset. Full frame image.

    Fox kit at the den

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