1. Nice chrome tabbed 50mm summicron. Very scarce lens. Everything is in great shape. Comes with original caps and hood, as well as a silver leica push-on cap (that I much prefer in use).

$1150 shipping.

2. Also selling a nice user M4 that recently had a CLA (that I believe was from Sherry Krauter). Purchased here a bit ago. Everything is working smoothly. Included is an M3 advance lever as well as the original style advance lever. Some marks here and there, but otherwise very presentable. Comes with the soft release too.

One thing to note is that I had to superglue the flash bulb socket together. One small internal plastic piece broke and it made it hard to screw everything in tight enough for my liking. Since no one uses flashbulbs anymore, I figured it would be better to just keep it in place. There is some super glue residue around that area that is hard to photograph. Looks fine, but I wanted to point it out. Cool serial number too!

$800 shipping

Or purchase both items together as a kit for $1850 shipped in the US, and split shipping overseas.

Photos (and references) here: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/phot...?product=25755

Paypal please add 3% domestic and 4% international.