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Thread: FS: Nikon 16-85mm VR

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    FS: Nikon 16-85mm VR

    I have a Nikon 16-85mm VR for sale. Includes the lens, hood, front and rear caps, 67mm UV filter (not shown), pouch (not shown), all orignal paperwork including a blank Nikon USA warranty card and the box (not shown). The lens was originally part of a kit so it will come with kit box, which is basically a cardboard insert with styrofoam packing, The lens optics are excellent with snappy aperture blades, no marks or scratches on the elements, internal or external fungus. Cosmetically the lens is also excellent with no external scratches or dings of any kind.

    Prospective buyers need to be aware of two things:
    • About a year ago the hood but not the lens fell on a concrete staircase and cracked a bit. I superglued it and it has not budged since then. The hood is fully functional and attaches and detaches from the body normally, no kludges required. If the tiny drop of superglue bugs you there are plenty of aftermarket hoods on the big auction site for $5. I have highlighted the area of interest in the first image below.
    • The focusing on the Nikon 16-85mm is a bit noisy. This is true of all 16-85mm copies, not just the specific lens for sale here, at least when compared to some other Nikon DX lenses I own such as the 10-24 or 70-300. I have compared it to two other copies, one in store, one owned by a friend, and it sounds just like them. I am only mentioning it here so I don't have to deal with an unhappy buyer later on who thinks that something is not normal.

    Images taken with the very lens for sale can be seen here, here, and here. You are welcome to inspect full-size JPEGs of these, just email me with what you want to see.

    Price is $460 net to me, which includes shipping to the lower 48.

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    Re: FS: Nikon 16-85mm VR

    Withdrawn, off to the auction site due to lack of interest

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