Tons of gear for sale!

All prices include shipping to CONUS.
Local pickup in Los Angeles available!

Quick overview of what's available:
1. Leica R8 - $600obo
2. Leica Summilux-R 50mm Lens (version 1) - $975obo
3. Leica 39mm UV/IR filter - $70obo
4. Contax T2 Titanium with box - $500obo
5. Olympus XA-2 with flash and box - $100 obo
6. Hasselblad 2000FC/M Gold 100th Anniversary edition - $3000obo* I'm really not sure what this is worth. It's worth a try here.

1. Black Leica R8 - $600obo
It's in really nice shape. The only problem is that the ISO up button is not aligned right, but still works perfectly.

2. 50mm 1.4 Summilux-R lens for the Leica R system. This will not work for the Leica M system. It comes with a hood and a lens cap that attaches to the tripod mount. It's got that legendary leica sharpness and bokeh.

$975obo This is a E55 size lens. This is version one. Serial number is: 2476009, making it a 1971 2+3 CAM. It's a pretty early version 1, i believe. This comes with a hood too.

It has a small speck on the rear element on the bottom left. It does not affect image quality. See sample images below.

Sample images using a Canon 5D
Wide Open:

3. Leica 39mm UV/IR filter - $70obo. It's the one on the right.

The next 3 cameras are my late father's. I'm selling it for my mom so the proceeds from the sale doesn't go to me.

4. Contax T2 Titanium camera - $500obo. Comes with everything in the picture. I shot a roll on it and it turned out great! Fantastic point and shoot camera with a Zeiss lens! It's in mint condition.

5. Olympus XA-2 with flash -$100obo. It comes with everything you see here. It's in great condition. It's another fantastic point and shoot camera.

6. Limited Edition 24k Gold Hasselblad 2000F/CM #240. This is the 100th anniversary version. I don't know much about this camera and I've never shot a roll on this camera. I'm not sure if anyone else ever had as this was one of my dad's cameras. I'm listing this at $3000USD. I'm not sure how much it's worth so if you're interested we can talk.