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Thread: FS: CV 35mm/1.2 Nokton, Rollei 40mm/2.8 Sonnar

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    FS: CV 35mm/1.2 Nokton, Rollei 40mm/2.8 Sonnar

    Up for auction are two of my lenses. Note: I'm in Hong Kong.

    First up, my CV Nokton 35mm/1.2 After I heard it was discontinued, I bought a pair locally. After shooting with it a few times, I decided it's just not for me - too heavy and big, and I've already got a canon 35/1.8 - the extra stop is not worth the bulk, at least to me.

    I understand that prices for this are supposed to increase because it's been discontinued. I've set my price to reflect what I paid for it - after all is said and done, I'll come out even - I'm not trying to profiteer.

    Condition of the lens: Glass is perfect. A very small part of the aperture ring has started to wear - less than 1mm. I've included a pic in my Google album. The lens mount shows brassing, as expected. Paint is otherwise flawless. Comes with the box and manual (not pictured) in addition to the original caps, hood, etc - just like if you were to buy it from CQ. This comes with the updated, M8 compatible rear guard.

    Price: $960 shipped to the US.

    Rollei 40mm/2.8 HFT Sonnar - I bought this as NOS (New Old Stock) from a local shop. I've since acquired a Canon 50mm/1.5, so this has got to go. Comes with the original 50mm LTM->M adapter, as well as a generic 35mm LTM-> adapter to bring up 35mm framelines if you desire. I'll also include a generic lens cap to use with it, in case you want to preserve the condition of the very nice and pretty original lens cap. Also comes with full original packaging, including the box and very nice leather case.

    Lens condition: Perfect glass, a few specks of dust inside, one right behind the front element. The lens hood has a bright mark about 2mm long. Otherwise, perfect.

    Price: $550 shipped to the US.

    For higher quality pictures, please visit my Picasa:

    Terms: I am located in Hong Kong. All items will ship by Speedpost, which includes a tracking number, and generally takes about 2 weeks. Insurance for each item will be $10 extra.

    First unconditional "I'll take it" PM gets the item. For buyers outside the US, just let me know where you are and I'll send you an updated price. Payment through Paypal only.

    I felt I've done as accurate a job as I can in describing the items, all sales are final. I have positive feedback on eBay under the name 'daggerlee' as and positive feedback here.

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    Re: FS: CV 35mm/1.2 Nokton, Rollei 40mm/2.8 Sonnar


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    Re: FS: CV 35mm/1.2 Nokton, Rollei 40mm/2.8 Sonnar

    Price drops:

    CV 35/1.2 - $920 shipped to the US

    Rollei 40mm - $510 shipped to the US ($490 without the 35mm LTM->M adapter)

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    Re: FS: CV 35mm/1.2 Nokton, Rollei 40mm/2.8 Sonnar

    35mm 1.2 Nokton sold.

    40mm Sonnar still available.

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