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Thread: FS Nikon Lenses

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    Smile FS Nikon Lenses

    Have the following Nikon lenses for sale, all bought new by me, all used very little by hobbyist, (me) no commercial use, all US models, 5 year warranty, so all under US warranty, never any problems with any of them, no repairs, damages, etc.:

    1. Nikon 14-24 f2.8, purchased late 2007, used very little, excellent condition. Have box, all original packing, caps, etc. $1500

    2. Nikon 24-70 f2.8, purchased same time as 1, in same condition, etc. $1500

    3. Nikon 200-400vrI, purchased from Adorama, I think mid-2008. In excellent condition, used very little, have all original caps, bag provided with it, etc., haven't found the box yet, might not have it. $5250

    4. Nikon 85mm f1.4, not G, prior model. $800

    5. Nikon 18-105 "kit lens", new, never opened, came with d7000 I just bought. $275

    6. Nikon 24-120vr, not the latest generation, in very good condition. $350

    Reason for sale is, I bought Leica M9, 35 lux, 75 chron, 21 Zeiss Biogon. Sold D3, 70-200 vrI yesterday, bought D7000, new 700-200vrII, 2X TCIII, for telephoto shots. Will use the M9 for wide, mid, full-frame.

    Would prefer buyer near Chicago (I'm in northwest Indiana) who can come look at the goods, pay cash. Will ship US only, with paypal. I know the scams, don't bother.

    Tom D.
    [email protected]
    219 789 7894

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    Re: FS Nikon Lenses

    Nikon 24-70 SOLD.

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