Have the following 2 beautiful cameras:

1. M6 Titanium .72 - fully boxed and close to being new

2. Black M7 .72 - fully boxed in excellent condition - very late serial (294xxxxxx) with MP finder - recent purchase from reputable Australian store. I love the convenience of the M7, just wished it has a higher magnification finder.

Looking for:

1. .85 M7 (chrome preferred, but black is still OK)
2. MP - any will do
3. Leica 50mm F1.4 E46 lens (asph or pre-asph)

Cash to balance out trade as applicable.

Located in Australia and would prefer domestic trade. International is also OK but will require some more coordination/negotiation.

Photos upon request.

Best to email me directly at [email protected] (let me know of your getDPI ID also when sending email)