I have the above mentioned Fuji GX 680 III for sale.

The complete set consists of everything mentioned in this post (including the lenses):

Fuji GX 680 III body,
wide angle bellow, standard bellow,
Roll Film Holder III N with 120 insert
Polaroid Magazin FP 100 C (works perfectly with the Fuji instant film packs)
Waist Level Finder,
Loupe Finder,
Remote Actuator (1 m),
Shade Bellows,
Camera Strap,
Camera Holder (Strap around the neck with metal camera holder)

All items are in a very good and fully functional state. The body has some minor wear and minor paint chips. Only on the metall bottom where the camera gets fixed to the tripod there are substantial scratches.

The metal camera holder is one item, that does not look very nice. But it does its job!

Lenses (all in very good condition, with some minor signs of use on the housing. Glass is free of scratches.). These Lenses come with front and read cap.

EBC Fujinon GX 65 mm 1:5.6 450.- (including the box it was shipped in)
EBC Fujinon GX 80 mm 1:5.6 200.-
(The 80mm does not have the front cap, but comes with a fitting PL-filter to keep the front element safe. The polarizer is not of photographer's value (Bad condition!)! It is only a "cap"!!!)

EBC Fujinon GX M 135 mm 1:5.6 150.-
EBC Fujinon GX 150 mm 1:4.5 170.-
EBC Fujinon GX D 180 mm 1:3.2 350.-
EBC Fujinon GX 250 mm 1:5.6 250.-
(including the box it was shipped in)

Lenses Part 2)

EBC Fujinon GX SF190 mm 1:8 200.- (no front and rear cap. But it lives inside the original box)

EBC Fujinon GX D 125 mm 1:3.2 140.-
(The 125mm shows definite use on the housing and there is no rear cap. Glass elements are still in good condition.)

EBC Fujinon GX 100 mm 1:4 200.-
(no rear cap)

I would prefer to sell the set complete and I am asking: 3000.-
As you can guess from the euro price tags I am living in the EU. But shipping world-wide is only a problem of money.

But if you are interested in only some parts of the accessories or in one of the lenses: please PM me.

I know this is quite a large sale for a person that is just about 1 year a registered member of this forum. So a short reason for this sale: I am selling the set because I would like to move further on the digital line of photography.

I am looking forward to providing pictures of the parts please just send a PM.