Model TC-252/UC1 by Pixel. I never have chance to use it, it's new. It will work with Olympus E620 E550 E520 E510 E450 E420 E410 E400 E300 EP1 EP2. Selling it for $50.00 included Paypal and shipping.

Main features:

Allows to shoot on long exposure times without shaking the camera.
Features developed functions and may be used for the purposes of: night photography and astronomic photography; multimedia presentations (Flash animations); close-ups and macro-photography.
Pixel TC ¨C 252 allows to remotely trigger the camera and simultaneously set exposure parameters using the built-in intervalometer;
Transparent LCD display informs about the programmer¡¯s setting and status, and additionally ensures low energy consumption.
Equipped in a two-step button, half-way position sets light measurement and autofocus, the shutter is released when the button is pressed.