I bought my GH2 kit with 14-140 lens on 5th January this year (new stock from a UK store) and really like it but having just got an E-P2 as a 'back up' camera I am truly smitten with the little Olympus

I am therefore looking to get another E-P2 outfit as I can easily carry two bodies around in one small bag.

Quite honestly the GH2 is the best MFT camera I have ever owned in terms of image quality, af speed and the video is incredible

However I recently bought an E-P2 as a back up camera and I really like the small design of it, I have always been put off the E-P1 as there is no evf but the optional one on the E-P2 is almost as good as the GH2

With the smaller camera I can carry two bodies around in a small back, one with a wide angle lens and the other with a standard zoom. This saves a lot of swapping around on lenses and makes street shooting (which I enjoy) much faster

Please be assured there are no problems with the GH2, if there were I would have returned it under warranty. Reviews also confirm it is an excellent camera. The camera and lens are boxed and in MINT condition and were bought from my local, very reputable dealer)

Camera cost me 1089 from my local store (it is the kit version with the 14-140 lens)

I'd sell the complete kit at 850 and will include a high quality polarising filter or separately at 500 for the body and 400 for the lens. Prices include delivery by RMSD

As stated both camera and lens are as new and boxed. Covered by UK warranty and I will provide the original receipt to the buyer. I am happy to act on buyers behalf if there are any problems under the warranty period

I have sold a couple of items on here but please check out my feedback on eBay and talkphotography.co.uk where I have a long history of 100% feedback