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Thread: Nikon D90 Kit

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    Nikon D90 Kit

    For Sale: D90 body and lens kit
    this a essentially pull it out of the box and shoot setup (except for an SD card)
    the Kit includes the following and the conditions they are in:

    1- D90 body (condition 9.9)
    shutter count as of posting 4649 (may be somewhat higher at time of sale)

    1- AF-S DX 18-105 f3.6-5.6 ED VR Lens (condition 10) (brand new came from another kit) includes original hood and soft pouch

    items included:
    all original books and booklets (condition 8.5 eng book version have seen some use)
    boxes (condition 8.5 see image plastic bags missing)
    all accessories that were included at retail purchase (charger, cables, original nikon battery (perfect condition accoring to nikon health status meter), caps/covers and neckstrap.

    additional accessories:
    1- RRS L Bracket w/allen wrench) condition 10
    1- spare Sterlingtek EN-EL3e type battery (brand new)
    1- Stub Plug (adapts your charger into a wallwart type so you don't need the cord)

    NOTE: tripod assys (including heads) and additional boxes not related to said equipment in images are not included

    this is available for sale and shipment in the US
    total shipped (FedEx 2 day [must sign for upon arrival])

    w/paypal $925

    w/paypal but w/o L bracket $825

    RRS L bracket available seperately at $115 shipped

    Please contact me at: [email protected]

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    Re: Nikon D90 Kit

    price has been adjusted to
    $900 w/L bracket shipped
    $800 w/o L bracket shipped

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    Re: Nikon D90 Kit

    L bracket has been sold seperately

    Kit is now $800 shipped w/o it.

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    Re: Nikon D90 Kit

    this item has sold

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