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Thread: Y-Strap Camera Sling

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    Y-Strap Camera Sling

    As seen here...

    I just received mine yesterday and it's just not for me.
    If you've been eyeing one, you know they are custom made to order so there is a bit of a wait. Well get this one and there is no wait and I'll knock a few bucks off too. With shipping it cost me $33.60. I'll take another 5+ bucks off of that and just make it an even $28 shipped anywhere in the USA. PM me for paypal info.

    No pic, but it's just as you see on the website. The Y-Strap only comes in black now so that's what this one is, too. Black.

    I can attest to the quality. It's made well, and if a sling strap works for you, then this should fit the bill nicely and at a fair price.

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    Re: Y-Strap Camera Sling

    Bump for this week.

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    Re: Y-Strap Camera Sling


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