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Thread: FS - Alpa Max, Lenses and Accessories

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    FS - Alpa Max, Lenses and Accessories

    I am selling all my Alpa stuff - although I love shooting with it, I realized I haven't been using it enough to justify keeping it. The following stuff is for sale... All in good to mint condition. I'd be happy to send pictures, or show anything in NYC. If you want the entire lot let me know and we can discuss price($12,500 seems fair). If you buy the it all together, I'll include a new shim kit. I'd consider trades for 5d mkII or Canon 24mm T/S(new version). Feel free to email me at: [email protected]

    Alpa Max camera w/ soft touch grips, stitching adaptor, alpa tool, neoprene case, and two sync cords - $5500

    Alpa H1A back adaptor(no shim kit included) - $700

    Schneider 35mm XL(w/ alpa shutter release) - $3600

    Schneider 60mm L(w/ alpa shutter release) - $1700

    Alpa viewfinder w/ 35mm mask - $1000

    Alpa complete groundglass set(new PGS glass w/ 36x48mm and 37x49mm masks) - $600

    Back cap(special deep version) - $50

    *I'll also be listing my Aptus 22 back and an H1 soon... Selling because I'm going back to film.

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    Re: FS - Alpa Max, Lenses and Accessories

    At this point, I've had a change of heart about breaking it up. If you want the entire thing, we can talk, or I'm willing to sell the viewfinder and the 60mm lens separately.

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