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Thread: WTB: User / Beater 35 Summicron, Version-4

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    WTB: User / Beater 35 Summicron, Version-4


    I am really just looking for a user to beater condition copy of this lens. I don't care if it is made in Germany, Canada or on the dark side of the moon, if the glass has a tiny scratch or two, negligible coating mark, prefer to not have that, but it really does not matter as this is for professional documentary use, not beer bottle bokeh test photos in my favorite pub.

    The mechanics have to be fine too, not sloppy, stiff, have wobble or play. Cosmetics I could care less about, prefer used over pretty.

    My budget is up to $1,300, and for that price it had better be pretty darn clean, not mint, but not hammered either.

    So if you are unlike the ebay capitalists that are charging upwards of $1,800 for this lens, drop me a line. If I don't find one for this price or less in a month or two, I will just get rid of my M6 and be done with overpriced Leica and that is that.

    I need a working lens, not a shelf queen.

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