For sale is a very nice dose of the gateway drug into Profoto - a Compact 600 monolight. I LOVE the Compact 600's for their simplicity, reliability and brutally-fast recycle times (0.8 sec at 600WS), but I ended up with too many of them after buying some Acute packs, so one is on the block.

I won't go into all the features and pros/cons of the Compact line as I assume anyone looking at Profoto gear has done their homework.

This C600 is a factory-refurbished Non-R version unit bought by me from a dealer. The dome is FROSTED & UNCOATED (as are all my Compact & Acute domes) and clean. The modelling light and tube are clean and functional in all respects. The light's swivel mount is nice and smooth and has no issues.

In short, there are no operational or cosmetic issue save that three of the many 'fins' that form the rear air exhaust vent have a hairline crack (looks to be a common issue). You have to struggle to see them and even the most delicate glue application would be more noticeable than the hairlines themselves. They are, in effect, irrelevant.

Light will ship with front protective cap, power cord and of course the 110/220V conversion PCB card but no sync cord.

Price is CDN$525 plus actual shipping via buyer's choice of Canada Post service. Payment by PP (add 3%) or EMT (if in Canada).

Will ship overseas, but given weight, am assuming (maybe incorrectly) shipping will be too costly.

Items would consider in part trade:

-Profoto Narrow Beam Reflector (NOT travel version)
-Clean Nikon 28/2.8 AiS w/hood.

Emails please.