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Thread: FOUND: Mamiya auto bellows N (M645)

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    FOUND: Mamiya auto bellows N (M645)

    have a project coming up and am in desperate need of one.

    please let me know,

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    Re: WTB: Mamiya auto bellows N (M645)

    I got one like new,no scratches display model picked up from a local store with front and rear caps. This bellow has the front tilt swing and shift movement and can use the double cable release. I will be selling for $400 shipped USA only and PAYPAL...You can check ebay and one is selling for at a starting price of 400 but mine is like new...Let me know if interested.''

    [email protected]
    TIXXMASTER (ebay seller)

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    Re: WTB: Mamiya auto bellows N (M645)

    found one! thank you everybody for your help

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