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Thread: Billingham Hadley Pro

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    Billingham Hadley Pro

    I am listing this bag also on RFF where i have several good feedback. i also have 150+ feedback on ebay (pm for user name).

    I've had this bag for almost 2 months. Color is Tan/brown leather. It is mint with everything that came with it, including the box and unfilled warranty card. i will assist the buyer down the line w warranty issues if he or she has one and will provide receipt of purchase upon request. The bag was shipped in its original box to me so the box itself is not mint but it's all there. I had to wait two months for the bag to arrive because it was out of stock everywhere, so I must say it is very convenient to find one in mint condition in the USA

    The bag is just too rich for my blood and I don't have enough in the bank to justify keeping it. However, it is the nicest bag I've ever seen or have owned. It looks like an old fashioned messenger but acts like a camera bag.

    Bag is mint, but if you want actual pics please PM me with your email address. I've recently had problems w/people taking pics from my ads and using them for scam ads on the internet.

    Price drop to $200 net
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    Re: Billingham Hadley Pro

    Any takers for $200 before it goes to ebay?
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    Re: Billingham Hadley Pro

    one last bump, $190. 50 bones off list price before tax and shipping!

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