i guys i am selling a Epson V700 film & photo flatbed scanner with 4 pieces of 135-use ANR (Anti-Newton-Ring) glass from Betterscanning.com----- $600 CAD OBO

The scanner is in great condition, i bought it a year ago new and used to to scanner 135 negatives almost exclusively (and occasionally used for reflective documents). I did not used it much as the counter is only slightly over 2000. Come with original box & cables and film holders for 135, 120 and 45 etc. For 135 films, it scanners 24 frames in a batch in only about 30~40 minutes at 3000 dpi, very efficient. The scanner itself is also great for reflective materials like document and photos, very fast & high quality.
The sale also includes 4 pieces of high quality ANR glass from betterscanning.com, they would significantly improve the film flatness and thus better scanning quality. I bought them half-year ago and they cost $120 + $35 shipping. The detailed information can be seen here:


I have included some pics made with this scanner, shot with an Olympus Zuiko 24/2.8

The only reason i am selling is because i am getting a Nikon Coolscan. Local pick-up cash-deal ONLY. Plz let me know if you have further questions.