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Thread: WTT Hasselblad Digital for my Leica/XPan gear UK

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    WTT Hasselblad Digital for my Leica/XPan gear UK

    It seems that my work now calls for me to use a MF digital back and I am in the unfortunate position whereby I will have to let some of my most treasured equipment go to fund the transition. I am looking for a Hasselblad system which has a minimum of 39mp and up to 60mp. I already have a fujiblad body and 80mm hc lens so may not need another body and 80mm. Other lenses may be of interest.

    What I can offer in part exchange are as follows:
    - Leica M3 Black painted and CLA in mint condition from CRR Luton. Basically like new! 1750
    - Matching M-Grip 50
    - Matching Black painted Summaron 2.8 with goggles mint also serviced at CRR Luton 1000
    - Leica M7 Black dot, black body, boxed, near mint 0.72 finder 1600
    - Matching Motor Drive boxed etc - N Mint 350
    - 50mm Nokton 1.1 - N Mint 650
    - 35mm Nokton 1.2 - N Mint 675
    - 50mm Summarit 2.5 with hood - N Mint 675
    - 200mm + Visoflex - Ex Cond 500
    - 90mm Summicron Black Leitz version (before APSH) - N Mint 700
    - XPan with Zhou Half case + Bubble level Exc Cond (Some paint chips) + 45mm Lens with hood 1200
    - 90mm lens with bubble case 350

    I would like to keep one of my film Leicas but am not fussed which. Please let me know if any of the above is of interest to you. Obviously cash in either direction is possible dependant on what you choose. Prefer to meet in person within the UK or maybe Europe.

    Please get in touch via [email protected]
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    Re: WTT Hasselblad Digital for my Leica/XPan gear UK

    Need prices according to forum rules otherwise we will have to delete your ad.
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