1) Like-New Mamiya 645 AFD2 body with AF 80mm lens. This body is a very recent version and does NOT have the typical shiny finish, but rather the same rougher matte finish as the new AFD3 body. Works perfectly. Kit includes camera, standard focusing screen with mask for 1.1 crop digital back and an excellent copy of the standard 80mm lens. Asking $1900 OBO

2) Mamiya 24mm fisheye. This lens is rare! This is a manual focus lens that will work on the newest AFD bodies in stop-down metering and manual focus mode. This particular copy is in Exc- condition, showing a few light signs of use on the outer body. Glass is excellent, has the original front cap and an aftermarket case. Has a set of filters built-in. Stunningly sharp and excellent contrast across the field! Photos of it and from it online here tomorrow. I see other photographers making great images with fisheye lenses, but I cannot seem to get the hang of composing well with it, so off it goes. Asking $950 OBO.

3) Mamiya 500mm f8 mirror telephoto for the 645 cameras including AFD bodies. Another rare lens! This is not the same mirror lens we used to see for 35mm, but rather larger and much cleaner and sharper in its rendering. Still slightly lower contrast than normal optics of the same focal length and does exhibit specular highlights as little doughnuts, but very good optical quality in a lightweight, compact lens. Manual focus and built-in filters. (It is rather fatter than a normal lens, but still fits inside a normal compartment in my Domke J1 shoulder bag.) Photos of and from it online tomorrow. Asking $700 OBO.