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Fuji x100 used it for one weekend. Nice camera, but sticking with my Leicas. Less then 100 frames on it. If I didn't tell you I opened it, you wouldn't know the difference from a new one. It's in the box with everything it came with. The warranty card is blank and the camera is still unregistered.

Extras included with the x100 I'm selling:

extra Fuji X100 genuine battery
Fuji X100 filter adapter
B+W F-pro 49mm UV filter

$1650 shipped OBO

Not interested in trades unless it's for a 50mm 'cron v4 with tabs. Or a 35mm 'lux pre-asph. Yes, this is a long-shot trade option on my part, but I'll be buying one of these lenses with the x100 funds.

I also have a black Zhou M8/9 half case with the black stitches. This is the model WITHOUT the thumbs-up cutout.
$50 shipped.

I'm in Canada. Prefer to sell in Canada with EMT payments, but USA is cool too.

I have lots of feedback on the auction site under: kornacki1234