This was my main shooter for last few years. Bought it new from B&H in 2007 paid $8000.
Camera has latest software installed.

The camera is in great condition, There are very minor things around a body (few tiny scratches on LCD screen is what I can see, the rest is dust, check the images below.

All the original packaging, plus you'll get EXTRAS:

1. Wired remote control
2. Two extra focusing screens: one with extra grids, (great for architecture and landscapes), second one is extra mate, for macro and studio manual focus.
3. hand strap (see on pics). The original neck strap is unopened: it was useless in a studio.
4. 2x8 Gb memory cards: One 8Gb Sundisk Ultra extreme, second is transcend 8Gb SD card. Both were used in a camera.

Camera is in Atlanta, GA.
I ship only to US and Canada.

Asking $5500. Buyer will pay shipping (insured).

PM if interested.