Selling the following items as I'm not using them much (Spring cleaning). I have provided a link at the bottom to access the photos. All items are well taken care and in good shape. All prices include shipping. No fee for Paypal gift, regular PP +3%.

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II + Original Canon Hood - like new condition, rarely used. Comes with boxes, caps, hood, warranty card, manual. $115

2. Olympus OM 50mm f/1.4 MC + Original hood + OM to EOS adapter with Optix V5+ chip - in excellent condition. Serial number >1,000,000 (1,020,509). Glass is clean. Smooth focusing and aperture rings. Comes with caps, Hoya HMC Skylight filter, hood, pouch. $140 (lens) + $30 (adapter) = $170

3. Olympus OM 100mm f/2.8 Auto-T + Fotodiox OM to Micro 4/3rds adapter - Excellent condition. Glass is clean. Smooth focusing and aperture rings. Serial 119237. Comes with original caps. $150 (lens) + 15 (adapter) = $165

4. Rare Canon FD 35mm f/2 BL + Ciecio7 FD to Micro 4/3rd adapter - Concave front element, thorium. Great for black and white photos. Serial 12317. Comes with original caps. Glass clean and smooth focusing and aperture rings. $300

5. Konica AR 40mm f/1.8 pancake + Rainbow Imaging AR to Micro 4/3rds adapter - excellent condition. I also added a step-down ring to 28mm to improve contrast and decrease dreaminess when shooting wide open. Works great! Extra cap to go over the ring included. It also comes with original lens caps. Glass is clean. $75

6. Metz 20 C-2 Flash - Excellent condition. Rarely used. Bought it for my GF1 but no longer have the camera. Comes with original box and manuals. $30

7. Domke F-5xb Bag (Black) - Excellent condition. Comes with original dividers. $55

8. Tamrac Velocity 7X Sling (Black) - Like new, rarely used. Waist strap unused. Original dividers included. $45

9. Hoya HD 58mm Protector filter - Like new. Comes with case and box. $32

10. B+W 58mm Rubber Screw-on Collapsible Hood - Like new. Comes with case and box. $10

Photos of Items

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