Minolta Dimage Scan Multi - a multi-format (3200-4800 dpi) film scanner - $3175.

I am the second owner. The scanner runs fine (with ICE dust removal) on Windows XP through Windows 7 so long as you install Vuescan on your computer first; have the computer recognize the scanner and only then install the Minolta software (or use a third party software).

Comes with all original items (glass slide/neg carriers) as well as the Scanhancer. Also, European neg/slide carriers that are glassless but are specially made for this scanner to hold slides/negs flat (and avoid Newton Rings) - a $250 value (and I have them in odd sizes too). The specially made film holders are wonderful and important! Newton Rings are occasionally a problem in scanning (on Nikon 9000 or any CCD- type scanner when using a glass carrier).

I don't have the original box...

Price is $3175 which includes overnight shipping to anywhere in the continental USA; as well as Paypal fees. If you want insurance on shipping the scanner that will be your cost.

Since I know the condition of the scanner as it leaves my house, all sales are final - unless you discuss options with me via phone and then get it in writing from me.

Sales to Europe and Asia are possible except payment will be by Wire Transfer or Paypal gift only. All overseas sales are final. And you assume all shipping costs and risks.

Email for photos or more info. Any questions, send them my way.

Robert DeCandido PhD
NYC - [email protected]

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