Looking for the D version of the 45mm AF 2.8 for MamiyaAF/Phase bodies.

I have a friend that is coming from US at the end of this month so i have the option of buying one new at BH for 1990USD or find one used if anyone one is interested in selling. I'm located in Europe and of course i also accept european offers, although if it is an american offer, the package will be sent to LA.

Please mention your price, describe the state of the lens you have and all the conditions of sale. I would very much appreciate to see images of tests done with the lens on a full frame back (or closer) in order to check corner sharpness, which for me is the main point of importance on this lens.

I also accept sugestions for equal or better lens for use with these bodies and a back with a crop factor of 1.3.

If you don't have any references here try to give some of ebay, other forums, etc.

thanks for looking