Mamiya-Sekor C 150mm 1:3.5 N lens. Lens # 30960 Includes: Hoya HMC 58mm UV filter, Canon 58mm lens cap, and Mamiya rare lens cap with a drilled hole.
Full size pictures:
$110 + shipping (from MN 55129, local pick up is prefered)

The glass is in MINT condition. No marks, fungus, scratch, etc. Protected by quality UV filter and both caps. I don't have Mamiya camera, only use this lens on Mamiya bellow (also listed on FM) with Nikon DSLR.

This lens is a special lens designed for bellow use only. Nikon only produced few thousands of this lens, makes it a very collectible item. It is part of my collection of shift/swivel bellows from Nikon, Minolta, Contax and various of bellows lenses/accessories. I am selling some redundant gears.

Email me at svx94 at yahoo if you are interested. Thanks for watching!

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