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Thread: FS: Phase One H25 Hasselblad V mount

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    FS: Phase One H25 Hasselblad V mount

    H25 Digital Back for Hasselblad V system for sale by established photographer in downtown west Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be shipped anywhere. Local pickup welcome.

    We enjoy using it with a Hasselblad 500 C/M and 555 ELD, as well as Fuji GX680 system, through the use of an adapter plate and OneShot control (all also available for sale).

    In excellent working condition. Label on top comes off easily, and is a reminder to switch C1 software power mode when we use this back versus other model backs, since it uses power through the FW cable.

    Price: $4900 obo

    Discount on multiple items in same transaction - tell me what else you are looking for, as I may not have listed yet.

    Reason for sale - lease not renewed after 20 years, and needed to move to a smaller space, thus downscaling. Very lightly used. We have two of these. Keeping one.

    Hasselblad V mount, and can be used with any "classic" Hasselblad body like a 500 C/M, 553ELX, etc, Fuji GX680's in single or stitch mode, and Mamiya RB67 adn RZ67's. Most technical cameras are V mount as well. It is the mount that holds its value really well, since there are so many people that can use it.

    Tether-only, but most shooters using MFDB shoot tethered to get the most out of the process, and you never have to worry about batteries, screens, buttons, or anything else replaceable. In fact, unless you step on the cord, or scratch the sensor, this thing is really indestructible, and actuations are meaningless, since it will just go on forever. That is part of its appeal, super simple. Basic controls like ISO, white balance, etc all done in the Capture One software, and I will include the latest version of the DB version, as well as all reference info for you on disk.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Variety payment methods accepted. We have full credit card and debit processing, incl debit in person.
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