I have two Gitzo tripods, an Acratech ballhead, and an Acratech leveling base for sale.

First up is a 6-year-old Gitzo G1028 Mk2 tripod. This is an ultra-light carbon fiber 4-element tripod. It is suitable for ultralight backpacking, will easily fit on board an airplane, etc. It is very stable with the top three segments and moderately stable fully-extended. It has a telescoping CF center segment. I have shot this tripod even with large 35mm bodies+lenses with care. It is in nice condition and has held up well, like all Gitzos. $265. A picture is coming.

Next is a 1-year-old Gitzo GT2542L tripod. This is a substantial 4-segment CF tripod with the auto-locking twisty things. (A technical term.) It is light, collapses small, but can get very tall if needed. It includes only the top plate and no center column. I have used it with the big 35mm glass as well as medium format gear. Probably one of the best all-around go-everywhere-without-killing-yourself tripods. These are $730 new; mine is $625 and comes in the original box and bag. It still "smells new" the first time you close the legs and the air blows out of them.

I'm selling an Acratech Ballhead. This is the original Acratech, and it's been well-loved and always worked well. There is some brassing and general indications that this head has been used in the field for 6 or 7 years. It is bombproof and will work smoothly you for you right out of the box. I have never had to do any maintenance on it. It is very similar to the "ultimate" ballhead they sell now for $290, but without the bubble level. $210.

Finally, I have an Acratech leveling base. It's about one year old and works great, with a bubble level. These are $150 new, and mine is $110. This one is pretty new and in really good shape.

If you want multiple items in a package deal, take 10% off everything.

PayPal to confirmed USA address only, please. No "gift" transfers, but I will split the 3% fee with you.