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Thread: SOLD: FS: Leica M2 "L" Sealed Body

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    SOLD: FS: Leica M2 "L" Sealed Body

    Up for sale is my adored 1960 Leica M2 Body. It has the original "L" seal still in tact. Sadly I am selling because I bought an M6 and cannot afford to keep this one. All shutter speeds are accurate. The original vulcanite id rate conservatively as excellent. There one very very small piece of missing vulcanite by the bottom plate, i'll try and photograph it. It is not noticeable though. Otherwise, its pretty mint vulcanite. There are few scratches on the back and on the top plate, but none on the sides where the straps would go. The view finder is very bright and i see no issues there. This model does not have the self-timer, which i never used on my other M's anyway, and i preferred this "cleaner" look. The last thing is the vertical alignment is off ever so slightly, maybe 5% off. Thus, while this does not affect the focus of your actual images, it is something to note. I bought it this way and its never changed since. I saw no reason to get a CLA since everything was smooth and this body had never been opened

    I would like $700 net.

    Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Apologies for the no photos. I can email upon request until i can upload to 3rd party site.
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