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Thread: Feeler: Arca Swiss B1

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    Feeler: Arca Swiss B1

    I just had this fully serviced by Arca-Swiss and it is as good as the day it was purchased (overhauled by arca-swiss wunderkind Bob Watkins from Precision Camera to the tune of $100). It is cosmetically fair, but Bob covered up all the marks with black paint/retoucher whatever they use. So it's not a beauty queen but now looks good.

    If you know the work bob does you know you will have an indestructible ball head for years to come. I bought this on a whim and have some other ball heads that i'm not afraid to toss around in the trunk of my car so i'm thinking of selling this one now that i've had it overhauled. For what it's worth, I believe this version is rated to handle even more weight than the newest z1 heads.

    how about 300 with an arca swiss universal plate/260 without it? pm me with an email address for pics. I have a ton of reviews on ebay and am longstanding rff member with several transactions there.
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    Re: Feeler: Arca Swiss B1

    thought this was a fair price. new ones go for 380 without a plate... i would go 250 no plate, 290 with a plate, net to me, actual shipping. Thanks!

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