In keeping with Ashwin's posting regarding Leica lenses in Seattle. I thought that I would add a note about a mom and pop camera store in Sacramento, CA that has several lenses that maybe of interest to the group. I have no affiliation to this store and just want to pass along the information to those who are looking. Admins can move or delete this posting if they wish.

The store is Pardee's Cameras and is run by Manfred and Ulrike Kallweit a true bricks and mortar store that has a remarkable stock of old Leica lenses and new Leica lenses. While there I saw:

1 copy of the 24 Elmarit Asph f2.8
2 Copies of the 35 Summilux Asph (pre FLE) f1.4
2 Copies of the 50 Summicron f2
3 Summarits - 35, 50 and 90

They may have more in stock and the prices are at normal retail price.

Please do not PM or email me I am just passing along my observations for those that are interested.

Pardee's Camera
3335 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821