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Thread: FS: Mamiya 120mm Macro (manual aperture ring, non D version)

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    FS: Mamiya 120mm Macro (manual aperture ring, non D version)

    Mamiya 120mm f/4 Macro Lens (the non-D, manual aperture ring version)
    US$350 + FedEx Shipping, OBO

    This is my personal item and is not related to my position with Capture Integration. Please contact me at [email protected]. You should not expect a reply during normal hours, but you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

    This lens was part of my college film shooting kit (645 TL, 55/80/120) that served me well for that reason but has gone unused since. I recently did some spring cleaning and realized I hadn't used it in 3 years. Might as well translate it into cash.

    Condition notes (note I'm pretty picky)
    - 2 very small pieces of dust/particulate on an internal glass element. Strongly believe it would not be detectable even under careful scrutiny in an image
    - front/rear glass elements are have no visible marks, scuffs, scratches, etc
    - mechanical action of focus barrel is smooth throughout the transit of the focus
    - mechanical action of aperture ring is as-expected for each aperture; each aperture click-stops properly
    - mechanical action of M vs. A for auto-aperture-stop-down works as expected
    - light wear on lens mount
    - six very small places where the paint has been worn off

    Overall I'd call it very-good condition cosmetically and EX- optically and EX mechanically.

    US/Canada Buyers preferred but foreign buyers with a proven track-record on the board are ok.

    I'll be happy to take pictures of the item to illustrate condition, but the notes above are very thorough and I have a strong reputation on this board.

    Doug Peterson (e-mail Me)

    Head of Technical Services, Capture Integration
    Phase One Partner of the Year

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    Re: FS: Mamiya 120mm Macro (manual aperture ring, non D version)

    Hi Doug

    did you get my email ?

    because photography is more than technology - and " as we have done this all the time " - -

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