Up for sale: Hassy H3D 31 w/80 mm lens. The stock kit- lens, body, back. And accouterments: cords, manual, etc. Camera is in functionally excellent shape- beautiful glass, totally flawless. A couple blemished to the metal coating, only on about 1% of the camera, not near the glass.

And here's the stock bit about the camera: Hasselblad today extends the appeal of its outstanding H3D DSLR camera system to a new professional photographic audience with the launch of the Hasselblad H3D-31, the 31 megapixel version of the H3D-39, the world's first 48mm full-frame DSLR camera system. Featuring near full-frame capture, the H3D-31 uses a 4433mm sensor enhanced with micro-lenses to boost ISO rating one stop to a new maximum of ISO 800. The system's new high-speed capture architecture, which is common to all H3D models and enables the fastest possible operation, also gives the H3D-31 an impressive capture rate of 1.2 seconds per image in either mobile or tethered mode. These features give the H3D-31 the highest burst rate of the H3D family and make it the camera of choice for the professional mobile photographer.

Price: $8000 + shipping from San Francisco.