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Thread: FS: Rolleiflex 6006 system

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    FS: Rolleiflex 6006 system

    Hello good people.

    As much as I love this camera and those amazing Zeiss lenses I must let it go.
    It has served me very well in my amateur use and it is by far the best camera I ever had. However a Contax 645 is flirting with me and my sweet Rolleiflex must go.

    Rolleilfex 6006 Mk I body.
    80mm/f2.8 (one cap) and 150mm/f4 (both caps) Zeiss lenses.
    Back and insert 120.
    Original battery holding 100% charge.
    Rollei charger N with extra cable for car use.
    Bay 6-67 mm adapter ring.
    67mm UV filter
    34mm Rollei extension tube.
    Rollei strap.

    This camera is amazing as you know. The lenses are the best that's why I'm after the Contax 645. It has typical careful amateur use marks.
    The lenses are clean and clear, no fungus, no marks, no scratches, no nothing! The camera is in beautiful shape with light use marks. Everything works flawless including the meeter.

    I will send pictures of everything upon request.
    [email protected]

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    Re: FS: Rolleiflex 6006 system


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    Re: FS: Rolleiflex 6006 system

    I'm interested in this camera.

    As you say, it is an amazing camera, but it's also amazingly prone to breaking. My last sample went to the shop 5 times. And the one before that went in 4 times.

    How much are you asking?

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