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Thread: Feeler: Bronica RF645 + 65mm + 45mm

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    Feeler: Bronica RF645 + 65mm + 45mm

    Despite this being one of my best cameras for travel, street and all-around usability, I'm just not using it more than my 35mm gear. The body and lenses are both minty and the it comes with the 45mm external viewfinder as well. The previous owner who I bought this form less than a year ago had a full CLA performed on it by Tamron/Bronica and then had it shipped to me.

    Bronica RF645
    RF 65mm lens
    RF 45mm lens
    45mm ext. viewfinder
    $1400 + shipping from Canada

    Why the feeler? I'm still a bit torn about parting with it!

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    Re: Feeler: Bronica RF645 + 65mm + 45mm

    Duh!!! I just read the original post date........


    What is the shutter count?


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