Hi Im moving to Phase IQ180 and Broncolor sooo got some spare gear not in use. Im located in Scandinavia, Norway/Sweden. I just placed the Hassy, Contax N and Profoto gear in for sale on commission at my camerastore but just thought that its a better idea to swap it for some gear I need instead.

I`m looking for the following gear: Mamiya/Phase 28 4.5, Pancake camera, Rodenstock HR wides, Broncolor light, Elinchrom Quadra, Phase DF accessories.

-HCD 28mm 4
Serviced at Hasselblad Gothenburg and as a result of that checked that its within spec. Still in the sealed plastic bag from Hasselblad service.

-Extension tube H13

-Battery grip 7.2V Li-Ion

-Shutter release cord H

-HBL to Metz flash HC SCA 3902 Adapter

-RRS L-Plate for H
L-plate modified with small teflon blocks to stabilize longer lenses as much as possible. Mounted with double duct so easily removable.

The Hassy gear is in very good condition but you can see that the 28 has been used. But as said, serviced and the seal is not broken.

Serviced at Profoto, Stockholm and they also changed the flash tube and model light (230V). Not a single pop since service so NEW flashtube and model light. The frosted dome is used though. No reflector included. Normal wear on head.

-Contax N Makro-Sonnar 100mm 2.8 Bought new at Photographica Copenhagen in 2008 and converted by http://en.conurus.com/ Only used in studio, as new. The hard to come by lens hood is bought on ebay though and is in a clearly used condition. Absolutely wonderful optic (I owned the Canon 100 Macro also)

-Contax PC-Distagon 35mm 2.8 Lens made in Germany Nr 7327598. Very good shift lens in very good condition. Original leather pouch with brass plate.

-Olympus shift 24mm 3.5 Lens made in Japan Nr 103286. Rare shift lens in really good condition. In original case.

-Leica R 135mm 2.8 lens made in Canada Nr 3146817. Really good condition.

Got more but this will do for now.
Sooo lets trade some gear
Regards Ulf