I'm selling a hardly used ranger pack due to lack of usage.

It was a back up unit I kept for my 7B, so it has been hardly used, comes with almost new spare battery, both batteries hold full charges and they seem to go forever.

Included in the auction:
1. Ranger AS Speed pack with battery and strap.
2. A (Action) head with faster flash duration than S (standard) head, comes with cap.
3. Spare battery.
4. Unused sync lead, as well as a sync lead for pocket wizard.
5. Standard 7" reflector.
6. Battery charger.

The above package retails 2275 inc vat from The Flash Centre, you can have the above package for 1700, that's cheaper than exc vat!

I also have a large heavy duty Peli rolling case with forms shaped to hold two ranger packs, two heads and a spare battery, cost me over 350, you can have it for 150. The case model is 1650, I think, and it is in excellent condition.

The kit is in Manchester, you are more than welcome to come and inspect, buyer needs to collect or cover the courier cost with insurance due to high value.

I will consider shipping within Europe, given appropriate shipping arrangement.