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Thread: Big Summer Sale Pt. 2

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    Big Summer Sale Pt. 2

    Continuing to downsize my kit and get stuff out there to people who will use them. New stuff listed first, old stuff from the last sale that hasn't sold yet will be listed at the rear with price drops. All prices include shipping within the CONUS. Items above $200 will include insurance. For items below $200, you'll have to pay for it separately. I check all my lenses with a flashlight to make sure you don't get surprised.

    If you feel my prices are too high please feel free to make an offer.

    Pictures here:

    Please note that it is difficult to take good pictures of items, and that you should expect to receive items with a few more marks and nicks etc. than you see in the pictures. All of my stuff is 'user' - I try my best to describe the parts that actually matter, like glass and focus/aperture action etc.

    Leica M2 - This was CLA'd by Youxin Ye about two years ago by another user. I bought it and used it happily until I discovered it was giving me pinhole light leaks. Turns out both shutter curtains had hardened and cracked. It went back to Youxin who replaced both shutter curtains as well as the key lock on the bottom plate, and readjusted everything, including the rewind knob which he said was loose from the use of a quick rewind - about $300 worth of work.

    Cosmetically it is very user - there is brassing from a quick rewind attachment on the top plate, numerous bright marks that I can't quite photograph. The bottom plate is brassed near the tripod mount, as well as scratched. There are small dents on the right side near the film counter - see pictures. Lugs are brassed. There is very, very slight oxidation when you look inside the viewfinder from the front. The vulcanite was recovered and replaced with Aki Asahi leatherette.

    Functionally, it is nearly perfect. The viewfinder is bright and clear - I have owned 5 M's and I wouldn't say that this is dimmer than any of them. Contrasty RF patch. The film transport on this one is the favorite out of all I have used. Speeds accurate, the shutter sounds great, all speeds accurate. This is a lever rewind version with a self timer, in my opinion the best of the M2s - the buttons on button rewinds can be unreliable. I should note the locking key on the baseplate is a little tight, probably because of the new locking key - after a few hundred (or thousand rolls) it should be smooth again!) Reason for selling is that I simply prefer the rapid load and rewind of my M4. I'll throw in a free M grip as well, as well as a generic plastic body cap.

    Looking for $695.

    Canon P - This one is also user - some slight rust on some of the chrome bits (above the rangefinder and the lens mount). Bright marks on the body. Some circular scarring on the bottom plate around the tripod mount. A big scratch near the hotshoe. Probably more that I missed...

    Functionally, it is very nice. All speeds seem and look accurate, slow speeds are on. Self timer works great. I would guess that the camera has been worked on recently. The viewfinder is about as bright as my M's, but a tad more hazy and low-contrast. The patch is contrasty. The film advance is a little rough and loud compared to my Leica's - I have never handled a recently serviced Canon P though so I'm not sure how abnormal that is. Strap shown not included.

    However, I will throw in a Canon RF leather case (not sure if it's P specific) and light meter. The light meter sometimes works and sometimes doesn't - think there might be a loose connection inside. You'll need a spanner to take it apart. It's also in user condition - I think somebody's tried to take it apart before but didn't get that far.

    Asking $200.

    Canon AE-1 Program w/ 50mm 1.8

    I 'rescued' this from a thrift store because it looked so nice - but don't think I will use it. Exterior looks very nice, almost new, with only a few small marks here and there. Lens is perfect - checked with flashlight. Shutter and apertures tested but not with film. Everything is electronically controlled so should be accurate. Needs a new battery. Comes with a cap. $35

    Olympus XA2 with A11 flash, case, light seals replaced

    I replaced the light seals on this camera with new light seals from Jon Goodman, have run about 25 rolls of film and everything works great - meter is accurate, no light leaks. Camera body has some light use marks but nothing major. $40


    Collapsible 50mm Summicron - I bought this from a very nice gentleman online who gave me lots of pictures and was very prompt in his replies. When I received the lens, I discovered he had grossly misrepresented it. I was able to get some of my money back, but I'll still be taking a loss at the price I'm asking. The front element has heavy cleaning marks. The good news is that the focus is very smooth. The aperture was a little sluggish so I cleaned and relubed it with teflon lube, now it feels smooth and well damped.

    I've used it recently and can report that the front element has little effect on pictures. I'll include a link to a Flickr set later with pictures taken with this lens on Ilford HP5. Use a cheap 39mm hood for best results.

    Asking $295.

    Nikon El-Nikkor 50mm 2.8N

    Got this as part of an enlarger setup - already have one so selling this one. Glass is perfect as far as I can tell with flashlight. This is the more desirable "n" version with aperture stops that light up from the enlarger light. No caps, but I'll package it so as to protect the elements. $35


    Leica 12524 hood

    Just the hood - no major imperfections as far as I can tell. $85

    Upstrap SLR/LT style

    Mike Johnston's (of the Online Photographer) favorite strap: see here http://theonlinephotographer.blogspo...pstrap_10.html

    I believe Sean Reid is a fan too:

    In black, has dust, etc. but perfectly alright. $20

    Voigtlander 12mm viewfinder, metal version with brightlines, comes with original packaging.

    I dropped my M4-2 with this mounted on it - the M4-2 took the brunt of the fall but the housing got chipped and brassed a little bit. The glass is still perfect (checked with flashlight). This has a smaller field of view than the TV finder but has gridlines which aid in composition. New ones go for over $300 on eBay, $344 from Cameraquest. Asking $220.

    Sekonic L-208, in original packaging - Upgraded to a L-308 so this has to go. Body has scuff marks from normal use but nothing major. Comes with all original packaging. Great beginner meter. Amazon's price on this has gone up. $85


    I have two Leica M2/M3 accessories - a quick rewind and a quickload kit. Both of these are getting hard to find.

    The quick rewind appears to be made of aluminum and according to Cameraquest should be a generic Japanese version. Has set screw, a few marks on it as the aluminum is a bit soft.

    The quickload kit works great and is just missing the quickload sticker that came with these when they were new. A great overview of these kits and how to use them here:

    I am looking to trade either of these for a M2/M3 film advance lever in chrome. If I can get the lever, I will put whichever one is left up for sale.

    Any questions, just PM me. Again, pictures are located here:
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    Re: Big Summer Sale Pt. 2

    I forgot to mention:

    Voigtlander M to micro 4/3 adapter

    I bought this from CQ a year or two ago. Shows use (I would be scared if it didn't!) Comes with original box. Will include some kind of Micro 4/3 cap as well. $125

    Photos taken with Summicron will be added here:

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    Re: Big Summer Sale Pt. 2

    The Canon AE-1, Olympus XA2, and Leica 12524 hood have been sold.

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    Re: Big Summer Sale Pt. 2

    M2, Summicron, Upstrap have been sold.

    Lower prices too, but don't have time to edit the post. Feel free to PM me about anything you're interested in and we can work something out.

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