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Thread: FS: Fogg bags

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    FS: Fogg bags

    Fogg, handmade.

    Celia-III, I think now they call it b-something in their new line, though this one has more rigid sides.
    Two Medium size pouches and one thinner one. Can't find what they called them.

    These were bought for a Leica M-6, used very little to none and are in near new condition. They'd cost $800. or more in total if you can get them. Sell all for $350.

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    Re: FS: Fogg bags

    OK, we'll try this once more. Please be reminded, if the photo does not do it, that there are multiple pieces to this package. Don't contact me saying this is over MSRP, it's not and the legitimate dealer - Tamarkin - shows pricing which supports my estimate. I don't think anyone is that dumb, just trying to be wise-guys or self-styled dealers. This is less than half what the set would cost. These are in virtually new condition. If you want a bargain bag go to K-Mart.

    Shipping is included in the above price within CONUS.
    I'd rather avoid international shipping as it is prohibitively expensive for you. Canada and UK are likely reasonable enough to look at.

    Payment by USPS money order or by personal checks drawn on certain banks - contact me via e-mail. I do not deal with Paypal.

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    Re: FS: Fogg bags

    New price, last reduction. $320. shipped in CONUS; $350. international (found that USPS international flat rate is easier than I thought)

    for fastest response, [email protected]

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    Re: FS: Fogg bags (WITHDRAWN) Moderator please remove

    This group is withdrawn.


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