Leaf Aptus 54s Digital Back for Hasselblad H mount for sale by established photographer in downtown west Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be shipped anywhere. Local pickup welcome.

In excellent working conditions. 25,135 actuations, firmware 4.7000, interface version 1.8.4

Using the latest communication technologies, portable shooting is an unparalleled 53 frames per minute with burst depths practically unlimited. Image quality is never compromised, with a full frame 22 megapixel chip, a perfect shooting partner for commercial and fashion photographers.

Price: CAD $6,500 obo. 2 extra batteries, charger.

Discount on multiple items in same transaction - tell me what else you are looking for, as I may not have listed yet.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Variety payment methods accepted. We have full credit card and debit processing, incl debit in person.

Resolution : 22 MP
CCD Size: 5356 x 4056 pixels, 48 x 36 mm
Dynamic Range: 12 f-stops
Colour Depth: 16-bit (65,536 levels per colour)
Interfase: FireWire 800
File Size: Leaf 16-bit HDR file: 126 MB, Leaf 16-bit raw HDR file: 42 MB, Compressed 16-bit raw HDR (lossless) file: ~ 21MB. 8-bit RGB: 63MB, 8-bit CMYK: 84MB
ISO range: 50 - 800
Capture speed: 0.87 seconds per frame (depends on camera and system configuration) 75 frames per minute with unlimited burst.
Technology: Full-frame CCD Dual Sensor Readout (DSR) for double capture speed, cooling fan for efficient heat removal
Screen: 6 x 7 cm (3.5 inches) Advanced touch screen interface. Pre-shoot file naming, image flags, full browsing and file management, create job folders, preview up to 20 images on one screen, true zoom to verify focus, histogram, exposure alarms, average exposure meter, spot meter (f-stop), custom and preset grey balance, ISO, selectable image-stetting tags, IPTC & EXIF metadata, custom file annotations, and more.
Leaf Aptus 54S Colour Management
Range of 12 profiles, including: Adobe RGB, sRGB and EC1 - RGB. Colour or black and white mode.
Storage options: CF card type II, Leaf Digital Magazine, High-volume portable FireWire disks