I collected a large number of shift/swivel bellows from Nikon, Minolta, Contax, Mamiya and various of bellows lenses/accessories. I am selling some redundant gears. Bellows can use any lens on any camera with cheap adapters. Here are some links that show how bellows can be used with modern DSLRs:
Among the tilt/shift bellows, the Minolta one is between the ultimate Mamiya, and the Nikon PB-4. Lens can be reversed without special ring (see pictures). Also, with the Nikon adapter, you can mount your Nikon DSLR right on it put it to use. I have two units, both in mind in box condition.

Full size pictures

Minolta Auto Bellows III with slide copier (shift, swivel head), in box, with manual, shutter release connection cable - $300.

Cheap adapters for Canon EOS, Nikon F, Sony Alpha are widely available on eBay.

Shipping is from MN 55129. Local deal is preferred. Ship to US/Canada only. Accept return if you are not 100% satisfied (and that's why I insist buyer pay the shipping to avoid abuse). Email me at svx94 at yahoo if you are interested. Thanks for watching!

Other listed items
Nikon Bellows-Nikkor 105mm 1:4 bellow lens

Schneider 150mm & 135mm enlarger lens, + adapters for Nikon, Minolta

Carl Zeiss microscope camera: