Too many strobes so the herd has to be thinned. I have four high quality Visico studio strobes that I would like to sell. Three are VC-300 models (300Ws), and one is a VC-500 (500Ws). Two of the VC-300s are still in sealed boxes. The other VC-300 and the VC-500 have only been removed from their boxes for limited testing and are truly "as new".

These lights are very well made with all-aluminum bodies and robust metal stand mounts. Controls are well thought out and include a turn-and-push type rotary dial that makes adjusting power levels very quick. The lights also feature a smart slave mode which can be set to ignore pre-flashes. They come with sync cords and a standard reflector.

What is truly unusual about these Visico lights is that they all have Elinchrom rather than Bowens accessory mounts. Elinchrom-compatible Visicos are *very* rare.

$175 for each of the VC-300s, $215 for the VC-500 shipped and Paypal'ed (CONUS only please).

Dave F.