Cleaning up an older post, the last remaining sacrifice to the M9, a UX date code 17mm tilt shift. This really is my favourite landscape lens but with a Leica M9 on its way and a Zeiss 21/2.8 in the stable I decided to sell this as the 21 is faster to use and I just don't get out to shoot landscapes as much as I used to anymore due to kids.

The alternative was to sell the kids but I can't find a forum for that.

The lens, caps, hood, even the box are absolutely mint. Sell this and the M9 is paid for. More importantly, the kids are safe.

I've already dropped the price to $2,000 plus shipping. Don't waste your time asking me to drop it any more, I'm proactively saying no

Plenty of references at FM, prefer to ship within Canada but will entertain other locations as well.