I am sad that I will have to let go of this setup, but I will be upgrading to an Alpa 12 Max with a P45+ from Capture Integration soon and cannot afford to have both systems. Lance from CI referred me to this forum, you guys seem like a great group of people to start talking to!

I have a Canon 1DS Mark III with 6100 shutter actuations up for sale including a few other lenses I can combine or sell separately.

The 1dsMk3 has been babied since day one. It is being stored in a Pelican case, kept in a humidity and temperature controlled closet along with all of my other cameras and older lenses. I purchased both zoom lenses a few months after purchasing the 1dsMk3. I drove down to the Canon Service Center in Irvine, CA to ensure that the sensor is completely clean and that all the components are calibrated correctly. (There is an issue with many 1dsMk3s having the viewfinder off a few degrees). Canon also upgraded the firmware to the most current version. If you are also interested in the lenses, they have all been calibrated for this specific camera, no fine microadjustments are needed (this made a significant difference in attaining critical focus, especially with the zoom lenses). I also installed a new EC-D grid focusing screen for composition and perspective control. The battery has been calibrated and has only been recharged five times. I registered this camera with Canon and can transfer the warranty over to the new owner, the camera was registered in early February. The glass in all of the lenses are clean and clear of any fungus or dust. All of the lenses and the were registered with Canon on June 2008 when I dropped them off to be cleaned, so you will have around 10 months more of free cleaning and adjustments for the camera and lenses. For documentation purposes, I still have all of the warranty cards for the lenses, I thought that I might sell the equipment sooner than a year so I kept them for a possible new owner. Canon will also provide free cleaning and adjustments for the 1dsMk3 until next February, after that, you can use the $100 voucher for any additional servicing if needed. I used white out to clear the information on the 24-105mm f/4L warranty card.

What's up for sale-

-Canon 1DS Mark III 21.1 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera
-6200 shutter actuations - $7000 (purchased for $8800 from an authorized Canon dealer in NY)
-This camera feels and looks like it never came out of the box, it was dedicated only for my architectural and night photography.
-Manufacturer's box, documentation, and all accessories

Items Included with the camera:
-New Ec-D Matte Grid Focusing Screen (I still have the original screen and the tool to swap screens out)
-1 RS-80N3 Remote Switch Cable Release
-1 Ebay version of the Remote Timer Cable Release (up to 99hours countdown) - It is the same one as the OEM version, cheaper, not as well made but it does the job.
* - $100 voucher certificate with rush shipping stickers so that you can send your 1dsMk3 to Canon with rush servicing to either Jamesburg, NJ or Irvine, CA with no extra charges.

Lenses include original boxes, leather pouches and documentation (all U.S lenses, no grey market)-

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L USM II Wide Angle Zoom Lens
- $1250 (Purchased Brand New)

Canon 24-105 f/4.0L USM IS Zoom Lens
- $900 (Purchased Brand New)

Canon 24mm TS-E f/3.5L Lens
- $900 (Purchased brand new a year ago, never registered it until this year) The lens shifts and tilts very smoothly, looks great!
---- I had Canon switch the tilt and shift axis' so that both are on the same plane, it is much more useful in this orientation.
You can switch it back if you send it into Canon if you wish. If you do not know about this process, you can visit
Northlight Images for a explanation on how it is done.

I just found this in the closet hiding in the dark-
-Lens Baby 2.0 Canon Mount (comes with aperture rings) (Used twice, didn't really have a use for it) - $75

I will be really busy this next week and possibly the next, but I wanted to post my camera gear on here early to let you guys know that I have a fantastic setup for sale. Once things settle down in a few weeks, I will have the time to pack everything up neatly and will be available to receive any payments for the gear.

For this amount of money, I want to stay away from Paypal because of the fees they charge. Bank checks, money orders and personal checks are welcome! You can also take a look at my Ebay history on my Sinar F2 setup I have for sale here.

See you in the forums!

Andrew Hara