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Thread: SOLD~~$40~~ Flat Rate Box Sale (Films, developing tanks, etc)

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    SOLD~~$40~~ Flat Rate Box Sale (Films, developing tanks, etc)


    Selling a following items for $29 plus $11 shipping cost via Flat Rate Box.

    Please contact me via EMAIL at khiromu(at)

    You will receive ....

    1. Developing Tank SMALL (plastic, with one plastic reel, black bottom and red cap)
    2. Developing Tank LARGE (plastic, with two plastic reels, black bottom and red cap)
    3. Changing bag with approx 12 inch zipper
    4. 10 x re-loadable film cartridges (some still have B&W films, but not sure what and cannot guarantee the condition)
    5. 14 rolls of Fuji Press 800 exp date 2010/08
    6. 5 rolls of Kodak BW400CN exp date 2011/10
    7. One roll of Arista 400 2011/11
    8. One roll of Fuji X-TRA 400 2003/12
    9. One roll of NEOPAN ACROS 100 2007/07

    All films have been kept in my room since July 2011. Before that, they were kept in freezer. Therefore, no guarantee of condition.

    Everything will be shipped in USPS Flat Rate Box with minimal amount of cushion, since it's already tight.

    Local pick up in Knoxville TN would be great, and the cost will be $29.

    Regular paypal payment only, and I will cover the fee.

    Thank you.
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    Re: $40~~ Flat Rate Box Sale (Films, developing tanks, etc)

    I will take it.

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